About Us

SLR67 is a product that came about over a casual dinner conversation. The topic of our children’s generation and their emotionally draining student loan debt came up.

The fact is, it’s hard to get a job without a college education, and student loans are the only way most people can get that education.

Even worse, only half of college graduates believe they’ll ever pay off their loans! The thought of overhanging debt for your entire life isn’t just difficult financially, but affects your mental health. We feel that it’s just not right.

That’s why we created SLR67. Our goal was to help students get through that debt faster than they would on their own. We offer ways to save early to prepare for the debt that they’ll leave college with, and have the funds to pay it off faster when they leave. We also made sure to create funds where friends, family, and even employers can contribute small amounts that will exponentially increase that fund over time.

Unfortunately free education is not a right, and not all will be privileged enough to get one. So if student loans are the only way, the least we can do is help them get out of debt faster.

We created SLR67 so that the students, the soon-to-be students, and those who have graduated, can picture themselves debt free.